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In the feature on ‘Chlorella’ in our October’s E-newsletter, a list of advantages after taking this superfood has been covered. And we are going to explore more on Chlorella in this issue.


A magical natural food for you and me!
Adults: Chlorella Vulgaris Extract (CVE™) is a precious chlorella growth factor reduces body-fat percentage and blood glucose levels. It corrects any unbalanced diet and prevents a list of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases etc. In addition, with the high level of nucleic acids, chlorella gives us strength to repair and rejuvenate our cell. Chlorella also has a high concentration of carotenoids, which is a strong anti-oxidants fight against free radicals. Therefore, taking chlorella can help all of us to fight against aging!
Kids: Are your kids picky on food sometimes? Chlorella is a “superfood” with abundant nutrients indispensible for kid’s growth, including proteins, vitamins and minerals. Vit-B12 is beneficial for kid’s mental and neurological health; Chlorella has even more Vit-B12 than cow’s liver contains! Moreover, CVE™ strengthens our immune system and helps to fight against viruses.
People suffered from chronic constipation: Chlorella is an abundant source of Chlorophyll and dietary fiber. Proven by various scientific researches, chlorella stimulates bowel movement and helps to excrete toxins from our body and restore regularity.
People suffered from food sensitivity: Chlorophyll is a strong natural cleanser to remove toxins and soothe inflammation. CVE™ can also sedate body’s abnormal reaction to food, alleviating and improving food sensitivity symptoms.


Chikugo Strain: A special chlorella species

Chikugo Strain (CK-strain) is a unique chlorella species. CK-strain is loaded wirh abundant nutrients inside its incredibly thin cell-wall, and therefore easily digested and absorbed by human body. The superior effectiveness of CK-strain is proven and endorsed by over 500 scientific researches.

Tips for purchasing Chlorella

How can we choose the best chlorella product? First of all, we have to check the real country of origin of the product. Nowadays, most of the Chlorella products are produced in Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. Some products may claim to be “Made in Japan”, the culture stage, however, is very likely to be taken place in other countries. To ensure reliable quality of the product, you may choose those that are cultivated, manufactured and packed in GMP-certified factories in Japan.


Manufacturers may add binders, excipients, artificial colors and flavors to the product. A good product should be made with 100% pure and natural chlorella, you may check this out over the supplement facts. Finally, the effectiveness of chlorella product is mainly determined by manufacturer’s formula. In order to maximize efficiency, it is suggested to choose those products which are proven to be easily digested and absorbed by our body.