Few factors about anti-aging (II): Anti-aging Medicine


Author: Dr. Danny Tang


Anti-aging Medicine has become a budding and rapidly growing specialty in the recent years. Followed with the introduction of the causes of aging in the E-newsletter in July, we are going to tell more on what we can do to fight against aging!


What does it all about?
Anti-aging Medicine is the stimulation to help the body is able to repair and regenerate itself. It has exploded the myth that nothing could be done about aging. It aims at the optimization of general health, rejuvenation of whole body, prevention of chronic diseases as well as balance of body and mind. Nutritional optimization, optimization of gut health, nutrients absorption, elimination of food allergies, balance of hormones & detoxification are preventions as well as treatments for aging.

Anti-aging is not only the People start realizing that they should start working on anti-aging when they are young. Let’s take the prevention of disease as an example. Coronary heart disease is always found in elderly, but atherosclerosis could start when one is young. Therefore, both prevention of disease or aging should start before they are given chance to strike.


How can Medical advancement help us to fight against aging?
Laboratory analysis give a clear and precise picture of how one’s body is functioning, thus helping us to find out the best way to treat our body. Antibody assessment for food allergy or genome assessments are the examples. Researches on Nutrigenomics have pointed out that eating certain foods, taking supplements or altering unfavorable lifestyle will help us to have a more positive gene expression, which could lower the risk for pre-mature aging and chronic diseases.