Few factors about anti-aging (I)


Author: Dr. Danny Tang
Anti-aging is not just a seniors’ issue. Every one of us is growing up and getting old since we were born. For those who aim at youthful bodily function, wish to enhance their health and prevent the ill health, read on to explore more about the aging concept that may inspire a healthier lifestyle to slow down the clock!

Why We Age?
A number of medical theories on anti-aging have been suggested to point out the factors contributing to aging of human body.


Chronic inflammation: chronic inflammation lies at the root of degenerative disease, like cancers, stroke & Alzheimer’s. Virus, bacteria & food allergies cause inflammation and accelerating aging in our body.


Personal Genome: Genes determine how we respond to the environment. Variations in genotype predict personal susceptibility to diseases. Our genes drive us age prematurely if our body is burdened by stress, toxins and inflammation.


Environment: Environmental toxins are everywhere, in the air, food and personal care products that we come across every day.
Repeatedly exposed to various kinds of chemicals and pollutants makes us be
more prone to chronic diseases and aging.


Stress: Both internal and external stress promote aging of cells. External stress refers to the stress we faced in our daily life, while internal stress is the way our system be stimulated by infection, inflammation or allergies.


Free radicals: Free radicals cause aging by attacking healthy cells, including DNA and proteins. The chain of events weakens immunological functions as well as causing us to experience aging. Free radicals are also involved in cancers and cardiovascular diseases.


All of these factors speed up aging. But how can we defy the odds? Dr. Denny Tang from the Quality HealthCare Centre will share more on this in the next newsletter.