Why Fish Oil is so important?


Fish oil is beneficial to our health as it contains fatty-acids essential to our body. EPA and DHA in fish oil are fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body, thus must be obtained from diet or supplementation. DHA benefits the development of the brain, vision and central nervous system, while EPA supports the cardiovascular and immune system. They are recognized to be the two most beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that help regulating our body functions by maintaining hormonal balance.


Fish oil benefits different people!
Adult: Fish oil merits in strengthening brain function like memory and concentration. Want to fight against aging? A daily intake of fish oil brings you youthful body and skin, keeps heart healthy and helps to reduce cancer risk.

Kids: Sufficient Omega-3 fatty acids help kids learn better by supporting their brain and eye health.

Pregnant or lactating women: Intaking omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and lactation help women to bring good neurological, visual and cognitive development for their kids, and also a positive effect on reducing risk of allergies in infants!

People who suffer allergy: EPA is particularly important in soothing inflammation and the related allergy symptoms, and thus helps our body functions better.


Fish oil = Fish Liver oil? They aren’t the same!

Fish Oil Fish Liver Oil
Source Deep-sea & Fatty fish Cod’s liver
Ingredients Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin A & D
Food Source Deep-sea & fatty fish like Tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring and some plants like flaxseeds, soy bean and nuts.
Cannot be synthesized by human body.
Food source of Vit-A: Diary, liver, dark green and yellow fruits & veggies.
Food source of Vit-D: Egg yolk, liver and fish.
A 15-minute daily sunlight exposure is sufficient enough for our skin to generate Vit-D.

Fish liver oil is not the only source of Vit A & D. Supplementation of fish liver oil may not be needed unless you are extremely picky in eating.