Food Sensitivities Apps recommendation


Author: Mr. Myron Yau, Nutritionist at HK BioTek


We have shared several food sensitivity apps since 2011, how many of you find those apps useful? This time, we have cherry pick some other apps, which we believe they can be helpful in family with food allergy history. Let’s give it a try, and tell us what your favorite allergy app is!


Name: The Bugabees

Supported platform: iPhone, iPad

Price: US$4,99

Description: Food allergies are never fun, but best friends always are! “The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies” tells the story of eight best buggy friends and the different food allergies they face with positivity and poise.



Name: Cook IT Allergy Free

Supported platform: iPhone, iPad

Price: US$4,99

Description: This is the essential tool for anyone dealing with food allergies You can trade out your allergen(s) in any of the recipes with safe substitutions. Perfect if you have Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, or are dealing with challenges of Autism and the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet (GFCF Diet).



Name: delicion

Supported platform: iPad

Price: Free

Description: A user-friendly design, all recipes can be adjusted to be gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free. And a dietitian reviews all of our recipes, and notes are provided.



Name: To conquer eczema(戰勝濕疹)

Supported platform: Kindle, Kindle app in IOS, Android

Price: ¥ 9.99

Description: Eczema is greatly related to food. Eczema is not only a skin disease, it also involves the immune system and self-healing ability. Hence, to conquer eczema cannot only depend on medicine or skin care product, cooperation with diet is needed. The ultimate way is to eliminate offending foods, and change diet with large portion of natural vegetables.


To identify the offending food, IgG antibodies test should be considered instead of seeking usual skin prick or IgE antibodies test. Diet therapy is mostly concerned by eczema patients and their family, yet they can enjoy this book by the various creative recipes created by Dr. Sophie Leung. (This book is only available in Chinese)



Name: Are the foods you eat making you sick? (食物惹的禍嗎)

Supported platform: Kindle, Kindle app in IOS, Android

Price: ¥ 2.98

Description: The influence of food is more complex than you can imagine! “Food Allergy” is not only equal to symptoms like rash and itching, and it is not related to blindly eliminate seafood and nut form diet. In fact, the annoying affluence diseases are likely triggered by food allergy. Although minor symptoms like migraine, muscle pain, bloating and diarrhea are not severe to the body, yet it stills a factor that influences our life quality and work performance. If we disregarded eating offending food continuously, it will damage our body from time to time. If one is plagued from diseases of affluence which cannot diagnose, or want to take prevention before the minor illness become severe, one should understand “food sensitivity” as a start. (This book is only available in Chinese)


*Please note that we do not endorse and has not tested any of these smartphone applications. The list above is provided for information purposes only.