Food Sensitivity Information at Your Fingertips


There is seemingly a smart phone app for just about every need and whim. For the food sensitivity community, several of these apps could conceivably save a life. There are apps to tell you what is in your food, and more. Here is some general information about many of them. Let’s go and explore, and tell us more about your favorite allergy app!


Name: Dairy Allergy
Smartphone platform: iPhone
Price: Free
Description: An app for anyone with a dairy allergy going aboard. Use the app to communicate with restaurant staff about your allergy in 60 languages; relax knowing that you havent ordered a dish that’s going to make you unwell.


Name: Food Allergy Detective
Smartphone platform: iPhone
Price: US$2,99
Description: An intelligent food journal to track your diet and symptoms, help you to discover hidden food allergies.


Name: Gluten Free in the Kitchen
Smartphone platform: iPhone
Price: US$0.99 (Sale)
Description: Gluten Free recipe


Name: NIH: Food Allergy Information
Smartphone platform: Android
Price: Free
Description: Learn about food allergies, food intolerance, diagnosis, and treatments from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)

*Please note that we do not endorse and has not tested any of these smartphone applications. The list above is provided for information purposes only.