Four common misunderstanding in treatment of allergic rhinitis


Nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and even headache dizziness, memory loss, throat pain and itchy throat etc., have you been troubled by ENT disease?

Allergic rhinitis patients, when the body immunity is weaken, there will be poor nasal secretion, causing edema of the nose swelling and continuous sneezing, flow of water-like nose, and nasal congestion, nasal itching and dizziness. Many people do not pay attention to the incidence of allergic rhinitis. There are also many misunderstanding about the nature and treatment of allergic rhinitis.


Misunderstanding 1: sneezing is a cold
Continuous sneezing and runny nose are obvious symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Many people mistreat these as a cold. They then take medicine and injections for cold. As a result, not only bad governance, but also delayed the condition.

Cold and allergic rhinitis, although there are sneezing, runny nose symptoms, but allergic rhinitis is the same water nose, sneezing is often continuous play.In addition: the cold is often accompanied by fever, fever symptoms, and allergic rhinitis without this symptom.

Although sneezing, running noses are symptoms for cold and allergic rhinitis, flow of water-like nose and continuous sneezing are common symptoms for allergic rhinitis but not for the cold. In addition, the cold is often accompanied by fever.


Misunderstanding 2: Treatment is not necessary
Many people think that allergic rhinitis only brings an onset of pain, when the symptoms are gone, they will be the same as normal, so there is no need to spend this kind of “wrong” money on treatment. Besides, it’s often heard that allergic rhinitis is hard to be cured. It’s not wise to spend money on treatment as the result is not significant.


Misunderstanding 3: It can be cured by applying nasal drops
Many patients think that nasal drops work well on allergic rhinitis. As a result, over time, it did not cure allergic rhinitis, but also leads to drug –induced rhinitis since too much consumption of nasal drops. It is once again, worsen the condition.


Misunderstanding 4: It’s a small problem
Some people think that allergic rhinitis is just a small problem, after a while it’ll just be fine. Therefore, when having allergic rhinitis, instead of seeking help from specialist for examination and treatment, they choose to turn a blind eye on the condition. And believe that the condition will be cured as time passes by. But in fact, I’ll just worsen the condition.

Experts remind us that, when you have allergic rhinitis, you should go to the doctors for professional help, instead of going into these misunderstanding errors.