Going Raw Intelligently


Recently, increasing number of people are pursuing raw foodism all over the world. Raw foodism refers to an uptrend lifestyle that promotes the consumption of un-cooked and often organic foods to maximize the nutrients and enzymes available to our body.

Fruits and veggies are low in calories and high in fiber; more importantly, they contain antioxidants like phytochemicals & enzymes that can boost your health! However, these nutrients are often locked inside the fruit skins and seeds which our body cannot fully digest due to the rigid nature of the plant cells.

Many raw foodists and people who want to eat healthier are enjoying the help of a powerful blender. It helps to break open and micronize rigid plant cells, releasing the trapped nutrients from the fruits and veggies. The enzyme and micronized nutrients are also found to soothe food sensitivities effectively!

Popular juice ingredients:

Beetroot: An excellent source of folic acid, fiber, iron, phosphorus & Vit-B6. It has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, support liver function and inhibit the formation of cancers!

Carrots: Has plenty of Vit-A, C & K, carotenoid, dietary fiber and potassium, it is a strong antioxidant beneficial to blood pressure regulation.

Berries: They are super-fruits rich in antioxidants, help to fight against free-radical that causes aging.