To Keep in Good Health – A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective (I)


Author: Myron Yau, Nutritionist at HKBioTek


  1. Spirit: Includes mental and psychological, sexual and other moral recuperations. It is generally involved in the Chinese culture, religions and folk cultures.


  1. Behaviour: Includes daily activities: diet, clothing, living environment, sexual behavior and so on for recuperation purpose.


  1. Qi (Vital energy): Mainly related to dirigation under medical Qigong, by cooperating with the Chinese traditional way to keep fit and practices of martial arts.


  1. Shape and appearance: Related to fitness activities and mostly encompasses the content of natural regimen and martial art cultures.


  1. Diet: One of the main contents in Traditional Chinese medicine Regimen. It can be applied in wide range of areas and is highly accepted. It mainly uses for regimen recipe and dietetic therapy, as well as diet moderation. It can be applied in treatment, medication, food, tea, alcohol and folk custom and etc.


  1. Medication: Mainly related to regimen by having ‘medicinal cuisine’. Organic medicinal ingredients are used and can be cook with other food. Hence, Traditional Chinese medicine advocates ‘medicinal cuisine’.


  1. Technique: The use of acupuncture is being treated as a recognized treatment, for instance, massage therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, bathing and washing methods and electro-acupuncture. It is mainly related to medical culture.