The Natural Cure of Eczema


Source from Organic Mama
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Are you suffering from Allergies problem e.g. Eczema, Asthma?

Do you know the side effects of long term application of sterol?


Comment causes of Eczema:
1. Food Allergies
2. Improper Digestion
3. Constipation
4. Weather Changes
5. Blood Toxicity
6. Stress


What Naturopathic Therapies (No Harms, No Side effects) will be used in treating Eczema?
1. Eliminate toxins and stimulate a balanced immunity
2. Alkaline diet
3. Avoid the allergy food
4. Anti-inflammation


How can I find out the Allergies in just a few minutes?
Bioscan Body check is the latest and fastest technology to find out one’s allergies. It is designed to accurately calculate and to measure the allergy factors and body discomfort in just a few minutes.

Dr. Christy Ngor
ND, B. Sc (Nutrition)

Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ANMCB) (License No:80922)
Professional Clinical Nutritionist


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