Organic food can prevent food allergies?


Some parents with allergic kids will choose organic food. But a pediatrician pointed out that if the child is sensitive to certain foods, the use of organic ingredients may not have an impact. The best way is to avoid offending foods.


Sixty-three percent of parents in Hong Kong buy organic food for sensitive children, expecting them to consume natural, chemical-free, non-genetically modified, non-chemical organic food and reduce the risk of contact with children.


Many people think that it is difficult to end eczema, but if patients are willing to make a change in diet, the chance of getting cured will be greatly enhanced. The best way to relieve eczema is to stay away from allergens. If eczema patients abstain from milk, eggs and wheat completely, the improvement will be very significant.


Many parents have a misconception that having milk-sensitive children to switch to organic milk powder can avoid allergies. In fact, having organic milk powder cannot alleviate the condition of children with allergies. If a child is sensitive to a particular food, even if he or she has organic milk, the child will still experience allergic symptoms. The correct approach is to switch to low-allergen or non-sensitive milk powder.


Allergies are from immune system. Parents can strengthen the child’s immune system function; rich antioxidants in organic vegetables help strengthen the immune system. Less pesticides, herbicides and soil pollution means less harm to the child’s immune system and reduce other allergic reactions caused by immune problems. It is encouraged parents for allergic children prepare more organic vegetables and whole grains for kids to build up good health to combat allergies.