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Do You Have a Rainbow State of Mind?

Lam Kim Yi, HK BioTek Intern

We all love seeing a rainbow in the sky. Except the rainbow above us, we can also ‘eat a rainbow’. We all know we have to eat healthy, but how? ‘Eat the Rainbow’ can be a good start for you.

You will have to obtain fruits and vegetables of different colors, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, white and brown. Obtaining plants of various colors could be a great way to checkthe nutrients you are receiving, increase the chances of taking different nutrients. It is crucial for us to have sufficient phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Plants with different pigments are linked with respective nutrients. This is the fundamental reason why we have to ‘eat the rainbow’.

For red plants, they have lycopene and ellagic acid. Strawberries, watermelons, pomegranates and red apples are some healthy reds you should eat more. They bring about a number of health benefits such as being an antioxidant which can protect the heart, lower blood pressure and fight cancer.

For orange plants, they have beta-carotene and flavonoids. For yellow plants, they have vitamin C and lutein. Vitamin A rich superfoods like pumpkin is in orange, and other examples include carrots, papayas and lemons. These plants can improve vision, strengthen immunity, and reduce inflammation.

Green plants, the color of most vegetables, are rich in lutein, folate and vitamin K. Leafy vegetables, peas, avocados, kiwis are some plants you can eat. They can be powerful in detoxifying and lowering risk of cancer. Some may regard them as the healthiest food.

Blue and purple plants are rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols. Foods like blueberries, eggplant and purple grapes are perfect. Their benefits include cell protection, antioxidant, lowering risk of stroke and heart disease.

For white and brown plants, despite they are not colorful, they are in fact also very healthy. Garlic, onions, cauliflower are some white food, mushrooms and brown lentils are some brown foods. They protect your heart, colon and prevent ulcers.

There are many benefits eating the rainbow. Start this diet with eating one color tomorrow!

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