The Self-healing journey of Dr. Andrew Weil

2012-04-05 self-healing journey

Dr. Andrew Weil, who has a dual degree in medicine and botany at Harvard University, has been the most influential person in the world according to “Time Magazine”. As early as 30 years ago, he introduced the “Integrated medical” concept, to promote self-healing-oriented treatment.


Dr. Weil suggests that the effect of skin care products is undeniable, but if you lack internal health for co-ordination, no matter how much skin care products do you try to smear, it’s all in vain.


Dr. Weil found that inflammation will lead to skin redness, it’s also the root causes of skin aging. Inflammation starts when there’s a wounded area or an area about to be damaged, the immune system then starts the defense mechanism. When the skin is threatened, including excessive UV exposure, oxidative stress, and even fatigue, are likely to cause skin dull, spots and uneven skin tone symptoms.


About Dr. Weil’s Healthy Tips:

When science and technology has yet to make people rejuvenate, all people always face the fact that “sooner or later we all grow old”, but learning how to live happily and avoid the disease is a topic that you and I should face seriously.


In the interview, Dr Weil mentioned: “Fortunately, so far I have not had a very serious illness, most of them are cold and the like minor illness. When I was sick, I mostly use the most natural products, such as Huangqi or acute extract of Cordyceps sinensis, to increase resistance, unless it is really necessary, I seldom take western medicine. ”


He suggested that a person should at least have 7 to 8 hours of sleep time every day. In addition, drink plenty of water, he said: “Many people think they have to drink a lot of water, but in fact, the body needs more water than you drink.”


Summary of pyramid diet

Dr. Weil believes that the key to longevity is to delay the aging rate and reduce the risk of old age disease, he said: “We have a set of gene card on hand, some are good, some are bad, but how to play the game is up to us.” In addition to maintaining the normal rest, we should maintain often exercise. Learn proper stress management, to maintain spiritual health. And the food we eat every day is the key, so he developed a set of anti- inflammation of the pyramid diet rule, which he has been abiding by, its focus is as follows:

  1. Eat less animal offal, eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Be sure to take Omega-3 fatty acids, either from oil-rich fish or fish oil supplements, and try to reduce the amount of fast-absorbed carbohydrate foods such as flour, sugar and fructose
  3. Taking high-quality integrated vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, E, integrated carotene and selenium, Q10 and so on
  4. Add green tea, dark chocolate, etc. in the diet, and drink organic wine moderately, up to 1 to 2 cups a day