Metabolism – The indicator to your health

Metabolism is the set of chemical transformation in cellular level of organisms, allow organisms to grow, reproduce, repair and respond to their environments.

Two types of metabolism:


Break down organic matter (carbohydrate, fat, protein, etc)


Construct the broken organic matter to protein and nucleic acids

Find out your Metabolic Performance

Organic acids are compounds produced within the body during metabolism when different organic acids are synthesized and broken down.


Urinary Metabolic Profile: Effective tools to analyze organic acids

Urinary Metabolic Profile:

  • Measures the level of 36 organic acids from your morning urine sample
  • 36 organic acids are categorized into 8 groups (as in the table below), access different stages of metabolism
  • Provide a comprehensive picture of your metabolic performance, with a glimpse into each bodily function addressed by the individual groups
FIVE Categories EIGHT Groups Functions
Glycolysis First step of releasing the energy from glucose
Citric Acid Cycle The central cycle for releasing energy & interchanging materials
Fatty Acid Oxidation The pathway of utilizing fatty acids for energy release.
Ketone Metabolites The molecules produced for energy when glucose is insufficient.
Cofactor Need A group of substances required for normal metabolism
Neurotransmitter Metabolism Pathways that convert nutrients into neurotransmitters for normal neurological functions
Detoxification Markers A group of biochemical reactions used for toxin removal
Bacterial Metabolism Biochemistry of bacteria, especially in the gut

Usage of Urinary Metabolic Profile

You might use this test if you are looking at:

  • Vitamin and mineral sufficiency
  • Oxidative stress and anti-oxidant sufficiency
  • Detoxification sufficiency
  • B-complex deficiency
  • Central Nervous System function
  • Mitochondrial energy production
  • Lipoic acid and CoQ10 sufficiency
  • Symbiosis status of micro gut organisms

What if my metabolism is poor?

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Joint pain
  • Dermatitis
  • Headaches
  • Sleep abnormalities
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Depression
  • Early aging
  • Mood changes
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Reflux
  • Anxiety
  • Blood sugar dysregulation
  • Bloating, Distention
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Inflammation

Ways to improve metabolism

The UMP test’s report is not only reveal the problem in metabolism, it also suggests an all rounded supplementation programme. Combine with healthcare professional’s consultation, you can achieve the optimal health in a simple way!


Innovative Technique for Greatest Accuracy & Sensitivity

Our Urinary Metabolic Profile assesses 36 organics acids in 8 groups from a urine sample.

State-of-the-Art Testing Technology

Sample will be sent to our laboratories in the United States for analysis employing the advance approach: Liquid Chromatography/ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry platform (LC/QQQ). This method measures chemical markers even at low level for optimum test results.

Technology Competency

Convenient Sampling and Interpretative Support for Actionable Follow up

Air-dried strips – Convenient Sampling for more Stability

A first morning urine sample on our signature Air-dried strips is required to profile the organic acid levels.

Liquid urine has poor stability, as degraded after sampling, and the freeze-thaw cycle between transportation may discourage the quality of urine sample. Air-dried strips ensure sample stability in storage and transportation even in room temperature condition up to 55 days.

Our Air-dried Strips was validated to provide almost 100% of the liquid urine value (r² of 0.997), with great stability and recovery of the analytes.


Report with interpretative support

You will receive your personal Urinary Metabolic Profile Report, with a comprehensive LabAssist Interpretative Report in 2-3 weeks. The Interpretative Report is a powerful guide, which suggests you how to make sense of the results. A customized nutritional detoxification programme, and an in-depth analysis are provided for creating your optimal health.






Functional Medicine Practitioner, Central, Hong Kong
“The test gives an overview of several major systems and an analysis of nutritional deficiencies in the body. Many of my patients found it very convenient to collect the urine sample with the sampling strips from HK BioTek. The result provides the most useful data for actionable follow ups for my patients and my anti-aging and functional medicine practice.”

More energy and better concentration

Amanda, Hong Kong
“I watched my diet and workout regularly but somehow my fatigue has never gone away. At the very beginning, I thought it is just the thing for people in their 40s. After referred by a close friend and got tested, I know my problem may come from the way my body makes energy! Followed the health supplements plan listed on the report for 2 months, I feel much better – more energy and better concentration during the day, sleep better plus I have lose some weight! This is because the report has pointed out if I am lacking key nutrients that turn fat into energy.”
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Improved Digestion

Ms Yang, Shenzhen
“I did this test with an Environmental Pollutant test. I spend most of my time in China and I do have concerns how my body is ‘polluted’ by the environment, and want to do something before it is too late. Plus I am struggling with my weight and digestive system. So I want to see if there is any underlying cause for these problem. After the test and followed the instruction on the report to detox and supplement what is lacking, I feel the symptoms improve a lot.”

Losing Weight

Trainer E, Hong Kong
“I ordered this test for my client to optimize their performance as it can help to identify missing vitamins and nutrients for better performance and outcome of losing weight. This test is particularly impressive and useful. The staff at HK BioTek has been very attentive and supportive on the sample logistics and result interpretation. Thanks HK BioTek!”


Why Urinary Metabolic Profile?

1. What are the strengths of our UMP test?

  • 36 keys organic acids tested from 5 categories of major systems
  • Easy and convenient sampling for higher stability
  • Technology from USA
  • Interpretative guide goes along with the report

2. Who should do this test?

Anyone who wants to fine tune their body for better function and performance can do the test. People who are sensitive to chemicals and concern about oxidative stress, can consider doing this test to alleviate their health concerns following the nutrient supplementation. In addition, women hoping for pregnancy can take the test to find out if there is any nutrient deficiency in them, since nutrient may lead to infertility.

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3. Why use urine as the testing sample?

You can find organic acids test using blood or urine in the market. Yet in general, it is better to use urine than blood in organic acids test for a more effective and clearer result, because many organic acids (and the metabolites) occur in detectable amounts only in urine. Solely testing one organic acid marker already need a substantial amount of blood; to screen 36 organic acid markers altogether might require a much larger amount of blood. Hence, testing urine for organic acids is a better option. Moreover, the first morning specimen contains a higher level of analytes, and midstream specimen can avoid the incidence of cellular and microbial contamination, that is the reason why we request the next day morning midstream urine specimen as the sampling urine specimen.

4. Could we know more about the specificity and accuracy of the test ?

Our test undergoes stringent biochemical process detect metabolic intermediates in your urine, which interprets your body’s efficiency. Our test gives you the assurance of quality and reliability as all tests are completed under US BioTek Laboratories’ facilities. Our laboratory is an independent clinical laboratory approved by CLIA (US Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) accredited by COLA (US Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation). The laboratory is also licensed by the State of Washington for performing testing worldwide.

5. How can I ensure the urine collected in the strips will not be contaminated during transit?

You should follow the instruction and place the sampled strip into the kit as provided, seal it tightly and keep it at room temperature. In additional, our revolutionary Air-dried strips produces more accurate test results. Comparison studies conducted between urine sample collected using Air-dried strips and those in liquid form showed higher stability.

6. What is the difference between UMP and EPP test?

Although both tests are using urine as the specimen, the analytes are not completely the same. EPP analyzes harmful chemicals to find out if the metabolic cycle is affected by the environmental pollutant accumulated in the body. UMP analyzes the metabolic pathways function by looking at the organic acids markers. In short, EPP tests chemical toxins in the body, and UMP tests the efficiency of metabolic pathways. You can perform two tests together to have a whole picture of hidden stressors affecting metabolic pathways.




1. How do I go about the UMP testing?

You can enquire your practitioner for UMP testing, or purchase the home test kit from us and follow the instruction to collect the first-morning urine sample, and return it to us.

Office Hours:
Mon. – Fri. 10am – 7pm
Sat. 9am – 5pm
Sun. & Public Holidays Closed

We will send your sample direct to the US lab for testing. You will receive the results within two weeks

2. Do I need a doctor’s prescription to have the UMP test done?

Any individual can order any tests as his or her health information but not for diagnosis. A doctor’s prescription is not required.




1. What should I avoid before sampling?

You need to avoid the following foods & products for 48 hours prior to urine collection:

Medications: Antidepressant and Parkinson’s drugs.
Beverages: Alcoholic beverages, Tea, Coffee.
Seeds/ Nuts: Walnut, Pecans.
Vegetables/ Fruits/ Juices: Avocado, Tomato, Banana, Grapes/ Raisins, Kiwi, Pineapple, Plantain, Plums/ Prunes.
Other: Ages and Processed Cheeses, Jello-O, Vanilla Extract, Ketchup, Foods contain Benzoic Acids (benzoate) and Sorbic Acid (Sorbate) preservatives, such as canned foods, flavored drinks, baked goods, processed cheese slices and spreads, salad dressings, and mayonnaise.

2. Will it affect the result if I had taken aspirin or some other over-the-counter drug?

Theoretically, it will not affect the result if you took these medications beyond 48 hours prior to urine sampling. Even if you have taken these medications within 48 hours, the report will point out the abnormal marker that could possibly be interfered by drugs. Your health consultant will mention the possible drug interference when going through the test result with you.

3. I have followed your instruction to collect my urine, how come it is rejected from being analyzed?

Normally, the urine sample will rehydrate when it delivered to the laboratories. And then laboratories will analyze the Creatinine concentration in the urine eluted from the strip. When the concentration is lower than 0.5 mg/ml, it is unable to analyze other organic acid from that urine sample. So we will ask you to do the sampling again, and avoid excess fluid after evening meal. Urine sample collected using Dip N‘Dry collection strips and those in liquid form showed higher stability.

4. Can I collect my urine sample if I am in menstruation?

Please avoid sample collection during menstruation. Menstruation itself does not affect the test result but the blood traces in urine will contaminate the specimen quality.

5. Can my kids do Urinary Metabolic Profile?

Yes, this UMP test is suitable for adults and children above 2 years of age. And the report reference range will change accordingly due to different gender and age.

6. I saw some non-invasive liposuction like Cryolipolysis rely on metabolism to reduce redundant fat. Are these treatments affect the test result?

Until now, scientists had proven the Cryolipolysis can thinner the fat layer, yet the mechanism is still unclear. The recent research finds Cryloipolysis will not affect the serum lipid levels and liver function, state that the fat might not use up in metabolism as energy production. Furthermore, the body may not be accustomed/trained to use fat to produce energy as fat is not the main source of energy production, unless one had follow a strict diet and exercise to limit other energy source and boost up the total calories to force body consume more fat as energy source, please enquire your health consultant about this aspect.




1. Can this test tell me something about nutrient status, like if I have vitamin B12 deficiency?

The Urinary Metabolic Profile can screen 36 types of metabolic marker. While levels of the organic acid markers are found too high or low, it reflects the body might be lacking lacks of certain nutrients. For example, when Methylmalonate is too high or low in urine, it indicates the body needs vitamin B12. After knowing all 36 organic acid’s concentrations through the comprehensive urinary metabolic profile, we get a whole picture of what we are lacking of. So this test is able to tell if a person is insufficient of particular nutrients.

2. What information will the UMP report provide?

The report will clearly show, in bar chart, your organic acid markers levels towards the 8 pathways of metabolic. You will also receive a comprehensive LabAssist™ Report, which includes details about organic acids, a customized detoxification protocol and nutritional support program to optimize your chances of achieving balance and optimal health. You can consult your health consultant for the source of getting the suggested health supplements.

3. Do I need doctor’s prescription to buy the suggested supplement?

You can buy the entire supplement over the counter from some personal care stores, health supplement specialty store or some wellness centres. Some nutrients are also abundant in foods too.

4. My report suggests me to take certain amount of supplements regularly, is the portion listed on report safe?

LabAssist™ Report provide customized detoxification, it also lists the supplementation suggested. In general, follow the suggested dose is not harmful to the body. Please consult your healthcare professional first if you want to change the dose of supplementation and the diet.