Taking probiotics for greater brain


An US research found that intestinal bacteria not only play an important role in digestive function, will also affect brain function. Therefore, regularly consuming foods rich in probiotics may improve brain function and ability to identify emotions, making our brain become more adaptable to the environment.


Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles pointed out that when the bacteria in the intestinal environment changes, brain function will change. The study may also help develop new diets and treatments to help boost brain function.


It has been discovered that the brain will pass the message to the intestine, that is why stress and emotional problems may also cause gastrointestinal symptoms. This study shows that gastrointestinal conditions also affect the brain. Researchers pointed out that patients often complain, they were not melancholy and anxious in the past. Once the intestinal problems emerge, they will feel very melancholy and anxious. From the results of the study, the intestine and the brain affects each other.


Thirty-six women aged 18 to 55 participated in the trial, and the researchers divided them into three groups. One group consumed probiotic-containing yogurt several times a day for four weeks. Another group of dairy products similar to yogurt without any probiotics. The third group avoid probiotics and dairy products.


Researchers scanned the brain activity of women with functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which was scanned at rest and undergoing emotional identification tests before and after the experiment. The results showed that brain activity of people who did not eat yogurt was significantly lower; those eat yogurt or dairy products, their brain network activity is more stable and active, this is particularly obvious on people who eat yogurt.


The Brain insula region is specifically responsible for handling and integrating sensory coordination within the body.


Source: http://news.msn.com.tw/news3175759.aspx