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Unlock A Healthier Life with the Help of Technology


Extensive Healthcare Network

HK BioTek dedicated to working with healthcare professionals for more than a decade, providing quality testing services and assists them in developing personalised treatments targeting particular health concerns. HK BioTek is trusted by 450+ healthcare professionals in Hong Kong and Macau, including modern medicine (i.e. general, pediatric, dermatology and otolaryngology, etc.) Chinese medicine, dietitians and natural remedies, etc.


Comprehensive testing support

All the HK BioTek reports are issued by the leading European and American laboratories, available in bilingual. Easy-to-read report and comprehensive supporting materials make the test results actionable. All of these facilitate physician-patient communication for the greatest treatment outcome.


We provide comprehensive nutrition training to all medical units to ensure the testing service runs effectively for the best achievement. We also share the latest medical knowledge through medical literature database, health talk and articles.


Form of cooperation

Use of testing service

Different functional tests can help identify the cause of disease. With the use of medicine, supplement and various treatments, while making your service more comprehensive. If you are doctor or healthcare practitioner, you are always welcome to contact us to see how HK BioTek’s service can add value to your practice.
We work with practitioners from overseas market too. We are happy to know how our logistic and operation could serve your practice. Please email to with a brief background of what you have been working on and where your practice is.

Use of testing service

For non-healthcare professionals, we are pelased to offer a Referral Scheme to collaborate as an add-value service or a mean for more incentive for your team. Besides, we could have event collaboration in health talks, booths and workshops. If you are interested, please email to and we could further discuss what suits your business model the most.


If you are doctor or healthcare practitioner, and is interested in Opening an Account?


If you are interested in our Referral Scheme?

Contact our representative at (852) 2763 1488 or

We are happy to meet your team and discuss future collaboration. 


Need some more Test Kits and Literature?

Contact our representative at (852) 2763 1488 or
The supply you need will be sent to you via courier. 

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Food Sensitivity

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Diet & Nutrition

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Low Allergen Recipe

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HK BioTek Event

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Medical Research

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