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Irregular Cycles

Find out if problems are related to hormone

The Struggle with Irregular Cycles

Any irregularities in the menstrual cycle reflect the disruption in hormone secretion. In long term, there might be chronic health issues.


Migraines, mood swings, heavy bleeding and painful periods


Permenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) (symptoms like marked anxiety, severe depression)


PCOS (symptoms like acnes, excess facial hair and weight gain)

Hormonal Change in Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal Change in Menstrual Cycle.png

The secretion of hormones differs in different stages of a menstrual cycle, which would affect the chance of ovulation and fertilization. It also affects the length and volume of a cycle. Therefore, by testing the secretion pattern of hormones, the reason for infertility and irregular cycle could be found.

If you are experiencing irregular cycles, you might be having hormonal imbalance!

HK BioTek Technology Competence

•  Sample will be sent to ZRT Laboratory in the United States for analysis, which is the only specialty hormone laboratory to have qualified for the CDC’s Hormone Standardization Program (HoSt).

•  All hormone test are analysed with reference ranges for individual patient ages, menstrual status, and hormone supplementation.

•  ZRT is the only laboratory to perform an extraction process for saliva testing, which separates hormones from background contamination. This ensures accurate test results for low-concentration hormones

Testing Items

The test is a month-long assessment with multiple dried urine card samples. It identify the peaks or dips of major hormones at key points in the cycle and look for abnormalities, like luteal phase deficiency, questionable ovulation and etc.

Sampling Demonstration


Comprehensive Support

The report suggests how to improve the situations.

Combine with healthcare professional’s consultation, you can achieve the optimal health in a simple way!


You will be receiving the report within 2-3 weeks:

Personal Hormone Report 


Easy interpretation

 Present your level of different hormone, and suggest ways to improve


The Testing Process

The Test Process(Irregular Cycles).png

Frequently-Asked Questions

1.    Why the balance of hormones is so important?

Evidence shows that hormonal imbalances can be the root cause of many chronic health issues, of which affect a woman’s menstrual cycle are no exception.

2.    What is Menstrual Cycle Mapping Profile?

This is an assessment of sex hormone and LH patterns throughout a menstrual cycle to help identifying the root of hormone-related menstrual symptoms, irregular cycles, amenorrhea or infertility. 

3.    How does Menstrual Cycle Mapping Profile help me?

The multi-point map provides a complete picture of a woman’s levels over the course of one menstrual cycle and to pinpoint the time of ovulation, as well as a way of getting to the root of difficult menstrual symptoms. 



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