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Food Sensitivity

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Diet & Nutrition

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Low Allergen Recipe

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HK BioTek Event

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Medical Research

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Food Sensitivity Test

Celiac Screening

Celiac Screening

Candida Screening.jpg

Candida Screening

Environmental Pollutants Profile.jpg

Environmental Pollutants Profile

Urinary Metabolic Profile.jpg

Urinary Metabolic Profile

Weight Hormone Profile.png

Weight Hormone Profile

Neurotransmitter Profile.png

Neurotransmitter Profile

Adrenal Stress Profile.png

Adrenal Stress Profile

Infertility Hormone Profile & Menstrual Cycle Mapping

Infertility Hormone Profile &
Menstrual Cycle Mapping

Trace Element Test.jpg

Trace Element Test

Cortisol Balance Test.jpg

Cortisol Balance Test

Relationship between Food Sensitivity and various symptoms

#1: IBS & IBD

#2: Other gut problems

#3: Eczema

#4: Acne

#5: Asthma

#6: Allergic rhinitis

#7: Migraine (headache)

#8: Joint & bone problems

#9: Otitis media

#10: Food craving & addiction

#11: Weight management

#12: Physical performance

#13: Autism & ADHD

#14: Brain fog & chronic fatigue

The Food Sensitivity Test

Comparing the different testing options in the market

The myths of IgG testing

The Food Sensitivity Test - Item List

Test from the US Lab: 

Immediate (IgE): 27 Common Food Panel

Test from the German Lab

Delayed (IgG) / immediate (IgE): 88 Greater China Food

Delayed (IgG): 113 Asian Food Panel

Delayed (IgG) / Immediate (IgE): 280 Greater China Food

Delayed (IgG): 96 General Food Panel

Delayed (IgG): 144 Food Super Panel

Delayed (IgG): 240 Food Extended Panel

Delayed (IgG) / Immediate (IgE): Inhalant Panel

Test Requisition Form

Test Requisition Form.jpg

Test Requisition Form

Consent Form.jpg

Consent Form

Sampling Instruction

Urine Test Specimen Collection Instructions.JPG

Dried Urine Sampling

Dried Blood Spot Card Sampling Demonstration

Greater China Fingerprick Sampling Demonstration


Female Infertility

Menstrual cycle.JPG

Menstrual Cycle


Adrenal Fatigue


Neurotransmitter Balance

Weight management.JPG

Weight Management

Common Food

Allergen Card

Food & Symptom 


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