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Meal Prepping Competition

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Theme: An anti-depressant meal to help people against depression

Date: 2022/02/26

Format: Online presentation on Zoom

Collaboration: HK BioTek & HKU Food and Nutritional Science Society

Speaker: Ms. Candice Ho (HK BioTek Nutritionist), Ms. Tracy Kwong (HK BioTek Director)

The severe COVID pandemic has affected our emotions, but it turns out that what we eat also affects our feelings too! The ''Meal Prepping Competition - Antidepressant meal'' co-organized by HK BioTek and HKU Food Soc was successfully held last week in the form of Zoom and Instagram. Thanks to all students’ participation, and HKU Food Soc providing the platform for all of us to learn how FOOD regulates our emotions, in addition, to understanding the daily work of dietitians and nutritionists. Wish all of them can be beneficial from it.

Here are some anti-depressant diet receipts from the winner. Even if we do not go out to eat during the epidemic, we should learn how to prepare food for our own and those around us. Eat well and keep in a good mood. 😊

Click the image for more information.

Winner: Group 4

1st Runner Up: Group 3 (The Popularity Award)

2nd Runner Up: Group 7

For more anti-depressant receipts from different participators, you can visit HKU Food Soc’s Facebook Page and Instagram.

HKU Soc’s Facebook:

HK BioTek's Healthy Receipts:

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