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The Leaky Gut

Information is provided by US BioTek - The Leaky Gut and Allergy Catch-22 - The Underlying Trigger for a Myriad of Health Concerns

How and why it occurs? Leaky gut is involved in the development of food allergy or sensitivity, along with the impaired gut barrier function. The increased intestinal permeability allows the undigested food particles to translocate into the bloodstream. The immune system perceives these food particles to be foreign and harmful substances. This is likely to be associated with immune response that triggered by IgG-dependent food sensitivity. A barrier of the intestinal epithelial lining (a single layer of specialized epithelial cells joined by tight junction proteins) and other factors (i.e. mucins, antimicrobial molecules, secretory IgA (sIgA) and cytokines) is secreted from the gut. This barrier is to prevent the passage of toxins, antigens and bacteria in the lumen from entering the bloodstream, while allowing for the optimal nutrient absorption.

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Low Allergen Recipe

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