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  • Carrie Ho

7 gluten-free breakfast

Carrie Ho, HK BioTek nutritionist

Increasing gluten or wheat sensitivity was observed over the past few decades. Many clients were devastated when they were recommended to eliminate pasta, bread and cake from diets. Despite that, there are ample gluten-free foods that are both filling and delicious, such as bread, which can be substituted by potato or rice noodles, and flour-based products, which can be replaced by foods made of corn/chickpea/oat/almond flour.

Below are some gluten-free breakfast ideas.

  1. Cheesy baked potatoes with bacon

  1. Overnight oats

  1. Banana egg pancake

  1. Eggs in pepper cups

  1. Tomato beef rice noodles

  1. Pork and mushroom congee

  1. Peanut butter broccoli soba noodles


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