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Bell Pepper Salmon Fried Rice

Allergen Free Recipes


Creator    Chan Hiu Suet, Cheng Hiu Tung, Lee Wing Ho, Wong Pak Wing

Prep Time  25 mins

Cook Time  10-15 mins

Total Time  35-40 mins

Servings   1-2





1. After cleaning the salmon, dice the salmon into small pieces. Use salt, black pepper, and lemon juice to marinate for ½ hour. 2. Cut the bell peppers in half. Remove the seeds and leave half of the bell peppers as bowls for later use. Dice the other half into small pieces. 3. Heat a pan with oil on medium heat and fry the salmon until half-cooked. Place the salmon on a clean dish 4. Using the same pan, fry the rice and bell peppers. After it is fragrant, add the salmon back and stir fry it. 5. Once the rice is finished, put the fried rice into the prepared bell pepper bowls 6. Add chives to taste and garnish

Nutrition(per serving)

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