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Homemade Coconut Yogurt

Allergen Free Recipes


Creator    Ho Ka Man, Cheung Sin Mei, Wan Siu Hei, Chang Yuet Tung

Prep Time  10 mins

Cook Time  1-2 days

Total Time  1-2 days

Servings   2-3




1. Sterilize the glass jar with high temperature 2. Pour coconut into a saucepan, stir to make the texture even 3. Take out some coconut milk and dissolve the xanthan gum. Then pour the mixture to the saucepan 4. Heat the coconut milk in medium heat until simmer. Then turn to low heat for 5 mins. Take out and cool down afterwards 5. Poir the coconut milk to the glass jar. Then add in the powder of the probiotic capsule and stir well. Add in maple syrup and vanilla essence 6. Cover the jar with a cotton cloth. Leave it for 48 hours if it is below 25 degree; leave it for 24 hours if it is above 25 degree 7. After fermentation, place the yogurt into fridge for 6 hours, then serve it with fresh fruits and other topppings 8. Please put the unfinished yogurt in a closed-lid container in fridge. Finish it with 7 days

Nutrition(per serving)

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