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I Really Don't Like Cooking, How Can I Avoid Allergens When I Go Out to Eat?

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Translation: Nancy Varela, HK BioTek Intern

When dining out, you should choose restaurants that use fresh ingredients for your food needs, and don't be afraid to ask, or ask for added or reduced materials. Here are some tips for eating out:

  • If you are eating with others, be a part of choosing the restaurant as much as possible.

  • Do not accept food that is not suitable for your body. This is not an impolite behaviour, but you are doing for your own health.

  • Try to eat unprocessed natural foods: choose food that are made with visible ingredients.

  • Tell the waiter that you don't need bread to avoid excessive intake of wheat products. Instead, you can pick up some vegetable salad with vinaigrette.

  • Ask the waiter to serve with water or tea because taking some fluid before meal could increase satiety.

  • Inform the waiter about the consequences of having allergens mistakenly.

  • Mix and match simple food.

  • Choose food with more vegetables and try to skip the sauce.

  • Choose high fiber foods and good fats.

  • Careful selection of protein helps you control your blood sugar levels and the portion of the meal.

  • Choose berries as your dessert.

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