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Leaner Body Figure with Proper Probiotic Intake

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Calories is not the only factor that leads to weight gain; The balance between microflora also plays an important role in weight control. Have you ever imagined if intestinal bacteria can directly affect our functions on food digestions and nutrient absorptions, as well as the amount of absorbed calories? Indeed, our gut flora could do much further than we thought!

Enrich intestinal bacteria to keep the body slimmer and healthier

Referring to one article posted by Daily Mail, there are thousands of bacteria found living in human intestine. Some bacteria are responsible for food digestions, and some of them are relating to appetite and fat storage. Professor Tim Spector, a professor from King's College London, pointed out that the microflora is not only functioning on food digestions and calories absorptions, but enzymes and vitamins supplies are related to intestinal bacteria too.

Adequate cheese and healthy fats intakes are important to maintain fitness

One of the previous studies suggested that the risk of getting heart disease can be lower by increasing cheese consumption, especially when the cheese have not been sterilized due to its sufficient probiotics culture.

Furthermore, healthy fats in nuts and seeds are indeed beneficial for intestinal bacteria growth. Professor Spector believes the reason why people who live in Mediterranean region have longer longevity is due to their daily olive oil intakes; polyphenols are well-known as an important factor that makes our bodies healthier.

Junk Foods – destroy your microflora balance

Foods with high fat and high sugar contents, especially those processed foods, could easily kill the good bacteria and promote bad bacteria growth.

Professor Spector had once let his son to keep consuming fast foods for 10 days in order to determine the influences on intestinal bacteria, the results found that the diversity of his son’s microflora had been decreased by 40%. Furthermore, Professor Spector had also performed this trial on a twins study, the results showed even the same twins, there will be a various difference between the bacterial balances.

Gut health and fitness

We can imagine the intestinal environment like a garden. The more nutritious foods that we eat, the stronger microflora culture we could build. Cutting calories is not the only method to get thinner, but proper supplement of nutrients and probiotics are also necessary.

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