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Mixed Veggie Sushi Rolls

Allergen Free Recipes


Creator    Wong Wai Pui, Tong Ching Kei, Tse chun Hei, Chan Yin Nam

Prep Time  30-40 mins

Cook Time  10-15 mins

Total Time  40-55 mins

Servings   1-2




1. Cook brown rice and rice with a rice cooker. 2. Add sushi vinegar into cooked rice. Set mixed rice aside for cooling 3. Cut carrot and burdock into strips. cut bell peppers into thin strips 4. Cook carrot and burdock strips in salted water for 15 minutes. Drain the carrot and burdock after 15 minutes 5. Boil enoki mushrooms for 2-3 minutes drain excess water 6. Heat a pan with oil on medium heat and sautee spring onions and ginger. Then, add carrots and burdock strips. Add salt to taste. Place the ingredients on a clean dish after cook 7. Heat the pan again with oil on medium heat and fry the bell peppers and enoki mushrooms. Add soy sauce to taste. Place the ingredients on another clean dish 8. Wash and cut the cucumbers into strips; steam fresh corn for 10 minutes, extract corn kernels from that cooked corn 9. Place a cling wrap and seaweed on the bamboo sushi roller, with the smooth side of the seaweed facing downwards. Place ⅓ of the cooked rice evenly onto the seaweed. If the bamboo roller is unavailable, just use the cling wrap directly. 10. Place ingredients according to taste a. Carrots and burdock (1st flavor) b. Enoki mushrooms and bell peppers (2nd flavor) c. Cucumber and corn (3rd flavor) 11. Start wrapping the sushi roll from the side close to you. Slowly fold over and roll the seaweed and ingredients. Use fingers to keep the ingredients in place. Repeat the motion until the sushi has a cylindrical shape 12. Cut the sushi into 6-8 pieces.

Nutrition(per serving)

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