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Preservatives Detrimental to Children's Nerves

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Most liquid cleansing products, such as wet tissues, contain preservatives like methyl isothiazolinone (MIT) and benzoic acid esters (Paraben). Long-term exposure in children may cause sensitization and impose higher risk of damage to the nervous system.

Water products often used

Dermatologist Chen Yong pointed out that MIT and Paraben are widely used as preservatives. They are commonly used in products with high water content or liquid. But in recent years, the medical community found that the use of MIT and Paraben cause more and more problems. In some parts of Europe, they have been banned in products since 2015. "MIT and Paraben can be found widely in skin-contact products, such as lotion, facial cleanser and shampoo products," says Chen. “There are many other alternative available for manufacturers to choose.” Dr. Chen stressed.

Common cause of sensitization

MIT and Paraben, same with other preservatives, causes skin irritation, skin redness, itching, etc. MIT and Paraben are the most popular causes. "Patients who stopped using the product for a while could perceive an improvement in their skin," Dr Chan said.

Impede children development

MIT and Paraben have another adverse effect, which is being detrimental to growth of nerve cells in children, thus preventing the development of child's nervous system. In recent years, more and more studies in Europe and America found that prolonged exposure to MIT and Paraben on laboratory animals will damage the nervous system, memory, judgments and muscle coordination.

Green products may not be safe

MIT and Paraben have no specific color or smell, so it cannot be judged by appearance. Some products with “green product claims” might not imply that they contain no MIT and Paraben. You can choose products that are specially designed for allergic people because they are more guaranteed.

This article comes from the “Parent King” issue no. 312.

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