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  • Myron Yau

Taking a Glance at our Body Functions

Myron Yau, HK BioTek Nutritionist

The human body relies on a series of metabolic reactions to its maintain normal functions. Metabolism refers to all biochemical reactions occurring in vivo, which breaks down and synthesizes different organic acids in a designed sequential manner which is finally excreted in urine. Therefore, urine tests were initially used on newborn babies to understand the metabolic status of the infants. However, with the advancement of technology, urine metabolic test can now be applicable on adult bodies as well.

When the body's metabolism is normal and efficient, organic acid "A" will be converted to organic acids 'B' by an exclusive converting enzyme; and 'B' will then be converted into other downstream organic acids by other exclusive converting enzymes. In this ideal metabolic state, "A", "B", and other organic acids in urine will be at normal levels. If the body's metabolism is obstructed, organic "A" cannot be efficiently converted into organic 'B' by the exclusive converting enzyme and its downstream organic acids, resulting in abnormally high urine "A" level and unusually low levels of its downstream organic acids in urine. Metabolic insufficiency has a lot of possibilities, including vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, congenital enzyme mutations, you name it. Regardless of what the reason is, an accurate and reliable urine test can reveal any abnormal metabolic status.

Sophisticated technology in the twenty-first century is now able to accurately show our body metabolism in five areas.

1. Macronutrient Metabolites

2. Cofactor Need Marker

3. Neurotransmitter Metabolism

4. Detoxification Markers

5. Bacterial Metabolism

A Urinary Metabolic Profile provides valuable basic information of individual metabolism and point out the strength and weakness of one’s metabolism. Therefore, both individuals with or without health concerns, can, through testing, understand their bodily functions more thoroughly from the perspective of human metabolism, adjust their diets and lifestyles in a more personalized way, and choose the specific nutritional supplements they need to achieve the best performance of their bodies.

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