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The Evaluation of Environmental Toxins & Metabolic Status in Hong Kong 2016-2018

86% of people who took the test are found to have at least one toxin accumulation in the body

HK BioTek Ltd. held a press conference to announce its finding in the evaluation of environmental toxins and metabolic status in Hong Kong. The organization has randomly selected 500 Hong Kong individuals in 2016 to 2018 to analyze their main metabolic issues.

Unsatisfactory Performance in General

According to the result, Ms. Queenie Lam, the nutritionist from HK BioTek, comments that 86% of the tested clients are found to have at least one environmental toxin exposure, showing that toxin accumulation is a common finding among locals. The latest result reflects the top 3 common toxin exposure, which are Xylene (51%), Phthalates (37%) and Styrene (32%), common in domestic detergents, plastics, and polystyrene goods. Furthermore, Hong Kong people has unsatisfactory results in most of the aspects, especially the energy conversion cycle. In revelation, Hong Kong people has poor metabolic efficiency, a common source of chronic fatigue, fat deposition, weakened immunity and more.

*As of 30 June 2018.

Urban Lifestyle as the Main Culprit

Ms. Tunice Cheung, a New-Zealand Registered Dietitian, mentions that in Hong Kong, environmental pollutants, food additives, heavy metal in water, and preservatives in personal care products are most abundant in the city. The lack of adequate exercise and an imbalance diet further weaken the detoxification efficiency of the body. Apart from reducing the use of plastic bags, bottles and disposable utensils, it is also advisable to choose natural and organic personal care products. Chronic exposure to environmental toxins can exhaust body function and increase the burden of bodily detoxification, resulting in metabolic inefficiency.

Restore Health by Intestinal and Liver Detox

Ms. Michelle Sung, an experienced nutritionist, points out that many ladies are having pear shaped body, a consequence of toxin overloaded. These toxins act as fake hormones that boost the estrogen level in body, leading to menstrual disorders and local fat deposition. She suggests a 4R tactics to detoxify gut and liver – Remove pathogens and food allergens; Replace with digestive enzymes; Re-inoculate with probiotics and Regenerate gut lining with nutrients.

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