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Turning into a vegan, our muscles can be well-maintained, and also to maintain our heart health

Michelle Lee, HK BioTek Intern

A muscular athlete, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, has turned into a nearly vegan to maintain his health in recent years. People often think that eating protein-rich meat which helps to build more muscles and become a "macho". Once Arnold Schwarzenegger thought in the same way, and he ate 14 eggs and a lot of meat every day. Later on, he gradually switched to eating foods that contain plant proteins, and his body cholesterol plunged to the lowest level.

Another busy worker also mentioned that the earliest and most obvious change was that he lost six to seven pounds in a short period of time. He felt his body become lighter and more agile. After adopting a vegetarian diet, he became more energetic. When his body becomes more energetic and powerful, he can work and exercise even when he lacks sleep.

Vegetarians do not lose their energy, otherwise, they become more energetic than before. Vegetarian diets are beneficial to health. It has proved that humans do not need to rely on meat consumption alone. Several studies have shown that switching to vegetarian diets makes us healthier. With a balanced diet, plant-based foods are ideal sources of energy for humans. Reducing the consumption of animal-based foods can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions (especially methane) caused by livestock raising, protect the environment, and prevent the suffering of animals in nature.

In order to pursue health, we should encourage the consumption of plant-based foods. We can try different dietary menus, and adjust the ratio of meat, fruits and vegetables according to personal preference and adaptability. I believe that this is a way to choose a diet that suits us.

It is not easy to entirely become a vegetarian, but you can gradually switch to a plant-based diet with more vegetables and fruits, with less meat. For example, we can mainly eat plant-based foods on weekdays, and eat small amounts of meat during gatherings with family and friends, or on special festive occasions.


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