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Two Remarkable Low-allergen Healthy Cookbooks

Ian Chan, HK BioTek Nutritionist

Reading food labels carefully helps to avoid your food allergens. In addition, cooking your own food is another good rule to ensure your food does not make you sick anymore. This may not sound difficult to those who cook a lot; but for those who only cook occasionally, this could be a problem hindering the road to an allergen-free life. We hope the following books help!

Kitchen Medicine

Dr. Sophie Leung

Pediatrician, Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Leung has been very committed in research on children’s growth and nutrition. Dr. Leung, moving her arena from her clinic to the kitchen, tries to use food as our drug, putting the Chinese traditional thinking of medicinal food into practice. The book points out that, by having a healthy diet, illnesses from eczema to chronic diseases like diabetes and cancers, can be under our control. Dr. Leung uses the concept of delayed food allergies with the results of latest scientific research on healthy eating to point out the downsides of eating cultures nowadays and to provide recommendations to make a change.

Dr. Leung has created a 21-day recipe. The recipes are vegetarian and has no milk, eggs and wheat. Recipes are so informative that they come with meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This book works on the theory of healthy eating plus the insights that help us to put the theories into practice.

Where to buy? Call 27631488 to order with us. All revenue will be donated to "The Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association" and "Health and Cancer Prevention Society".

Real Taste of Cooking

Ms. Yu Bi-fang

Healthy eating culture is very popular in Taiwan, as you will see numerous health-related books in any bookstore. Ms. Yu is a well-known figure in the healthy food scene in Taiwan. She is very experienced in curating food exhibitions and hosting healthy cooking classes for different organizations. Over the past decade, she continues enriching herself with natural therapies, health concepts and knowledge on detoxification. She is so keen on promoting "low-temperature cooking" to help manage our health. This book is remarkable as one of its chapters is designed with delayed food allergy concepts in mind. Ms. Yu illustrates the allergy theories and points out that milk, eggs, and wheat are the most common allergens among Taiwanese.

Allergen-free recipes in this book include: Hot & sour Italian rice noodles, Rice bread, Pie and muffins made from millet and pumpkin.

Where to buy? Commercial Press bookstores

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