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Vividly sweet – Vegan beetroot soup

Allergen Free Recipes


Creator Virina Chan, Chloe Tong

Prep Time 60 mins

Cook Time 90 mins

Total Time 150 mins

Servings 2




1. Put both Tangerine peel and cashew into water until it become soft (almost 30 mins). 2. Wash, peel and cut red beetroot, carrot, onion and corn into pieces. 3. Put all the ingredients (Tangerine peel, cashew, red beetroot, carrot, onion and corn) into the pot . 4. Add around 2 L of water into pot, till boil. Then, adjust to medium heat and cook for 1.5 hour. 5. Add some salt and pepper to raise its aroma. 6. Ready to serve.

Nutrition(per serving)

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