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What you have to know about peanut butter?

HK BioTek Intern

Is peanut butter good for our health? You might think that it is high in calories and fat, a very evil spread sauce to be. Yet it depends on your choice, the “real” or natural peanut butter is not a kind of processed food item and is undoubtedly healthy. There are lots of peanut butter available in the market that are full of additives and trans-fat, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we have to be very careful with our choices. Peanuts are actually rich in protein and monounsaturated fat that could help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Also, peanut butter does not contain cholesterol because it is a plant-based product in which cholesterol could only be found in animal products. It is suitable for type 2 Diabetes patients and those who are on diet.

Nutrition of peanut butter

  1. Low in carbohydrates - around 20g/100g

  2. High in protein - around 25g/100g

  3. High fat - around 50g/100g (Mainly monounsaturated fats, increase insulin sensitivity)

  4. High calories - 588kcal/100g

  5. Rich in vitamins & minerals (Vitamin B3, B6, E; Magnesium, folate, copper, manganese)

  6. Rich in antioxidants

Tips in choosing the best peanut butter

  • 100% made of peanut (with or without salt)

  • Without added sugar

  • Without additives such as emulsifier E471

  • Without palm oil, partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oil which is a kind of saturated fat

Even though peanut butter possesses various nutrients, an adequate intake would be favorable to your health; otherwise an overconsumption would put on weight and raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.


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