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Yogurt with banana, a good choice for your gut

Connie, HK BioTek Intern

In our body, the microorganisms such as bacteria live in the GI tracts. The gut microbiota is also known as gut flora and the gut microbiome. Scientists consider the intestinal microbiota as humans’ endocrine organs for the balance of microbiota which closely relates to our immunity system. To maintain good intestinal health, the consumption of probiotics and prebiotics might be a good option for you. Probiotics are the good bacteria while prebiotics is the food for these bacteria. It is not difficult for us to obtain those helpful nutrients from our daily consumption. Yogurt and banana, for example, are good sources of probiotics and prebiotics respectively.


Yogurt is a typical fermented dairy product sold in the supermarket. How does yogurt improve and maintain our intestinal health? To figure out this question, we should know what ingredients are inside yogurt. The fermentation process of coagulated yogurt is from milk. Workers in yogurt factories add a mixture of lactic acid bacteria into milk to start yogurt production. The lactic acid bacteria in the fermented milk play an important role in the fermentation process and human intestinal health.

Benefits brought by yogurt consumption

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt have valuable therapeutic and health-promoting effects. The bacteria enhance gut immune function by prohibiting the inflammatory effect among our GI tracts. If the intestinal microflora is under a dysbiosis situation, inflammatory induced diseases such as Crohn’s disease might happen. Patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease might have abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, and even malnutrition. Scientists found out that the concentration of probiotics in patients with Crohn’s disease is lower compared to healthier people. The inflammation effects among the intestinal lead to a weaker mucosal barrier resulting in the invasion of pathogens. Lactic acid bacteria can not only inhibit inflammation but also treat and prevent diarrheal diseases such as acute viral diarrheal and antibiotic-associated diarrhea.


Banana is one of the perfect partners with yogurt because of its taste and nutrients. Banana provides essential nutrients that protect our bodies and maintain our health. This delicious fruit provides not only energy for us but also the probiotic of yogurt for our intestinal. The non-digestible fiber of banana pass through the upper part of our GI tract and induces the growth of those good microorganisms along our gut. The fiber is then fermented by the beneficial microbiomes. In this process, the short-chain fatty acid is produced which is important to our gut health.

Short-chain fatty acids plays an important role in improving our health. it is essential for producing mucus among the intestinal barrier, maintaining the integrity of the gut barrier, and reducing the risk of suffering from colorectal cancer.

Consumption of prebiotics and probiotics is crucial for your gut health. Despite eating supplements, natural foods displayed on the supermarket shelves might be good for you to protect your body.

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